I’ll be frank with you. I entered the wedding industry very hesitantly. I was never the type to dream of my wedding day and the stiff, awkward photos that I had been exposed to really didn’t help to convince me.

The day I realised that I didn’t need to shoot weddings in the same old cliché ways that I had seen it done before was the day a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I began to recognise that there are, in fact, no damn rules to this thing called wedding photography.

And now, I truly do love what I do.

Before becoming a photographer I studied Fine Art, specialising in painting. After my degree I spent some time in Asia – working, traveling and photographing absolutely everything in front of me with a cell phone. I then returned home to Durban, lost and unsure of what I wanted next. On a whim I decided to spend the remainder of my savings on a camera. And so my love affair with photography began.

Today I see each wedding as an opportunity for me to push the genre a little further, experiment a little more with the medium and become more courageous as an image maker. I love using the camera as a way of showing others how I view the world. I am happiest when I am able to surprise couples with the way I have captured them; when I can deliver an image that they could never have predicted.

I have come to really enjoy the ‘humanness’ of weddings. Human emotions, connections, quirks and carefree fun. My eyes are always open, I am always ‘switched on’ as I watch people and look for moments of visual interest. I want my couples to look at their wedding photos and think “Yes! That is exactly how my wedding day felt.” Sure, I most certainly give direction when I feel it is necessary, but I never want anyone to look at their wedding photos and only be reminded of all the posing they were made to do. That’s not what this day is about.

When I am not shooting weddings I am usually dancing – either in my car or on a dirty techno dance floor somewhere. Otherwise I am making travel plans, finding the best vegan restaurants or dreaming up new ideas for artworks I will hopefully find the time to make soon.